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Video Premiere: Rebecca Loebe's Reassuring 'Popular'

Americana singer-songwriter Rebecca Loebe has a song for anyone who's ever suffered through awkward teen years. "Popular" is a warmhearted ballad that doubles as a one song survival kit for middle school.

"I wrote this song for anyone who ever went to middle school," Loebe tells Wide Open Country. "It occurred to me recently that we all look back at our adolescent selves and feel like we were total awkward losers — even the popular kids who intimated me, or the mean kids who bullied me probably feel that way now. Maybe especially those kids. Anyhow, it made me want to reach out and hug every kid in school right now to tell them that it will eventually get better. It made me want to hug all the adults too, and tell them that we probably weren't as lame as we thought they were, and that we're probably all cooler now than we give ourselves credit for. But I can't hug everyone, so I wrote this song instead."
The video for the song features appearances by fellow musicians Ashley McBrydeBJ Barham, Caroline Spence, Emily Scott Robinson, Ryan Culwell and more.
"I was so amazed by how many people agreed to appear in the video," Loebe says. "While on tour earlier this year I spent a full day holed up in the back of the minivan firing out texts to various friends, mostly fellow musicians, explaining my mission with this song and my vision for the video. By the end of the day my email inbox was stuffed full of video clips. I feel pretty dang lucky that so many talented and creative folks were willing to collaborate with me to get this song out there. My community never ceases to blow my mind."

Watch the video premiere of "Popular" below.

Loebe, a former contestant on The Voice, released her album Give Up Your Ghosts earlier this year.

For more information on Rebecca Loebe, visit her official website.

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