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BJ Barham of American Aquarium's Posts Heartfelt Love Song 'Til The Final Curtain Falls'

American Aquarium frontman BJ Barham just shared a video for his new track "Til The Final Curtain Falls," a heartfelt acoustic love song that's all about loyalty. The release has a pure, raw quality that has become the earmark of the band's sound.

The beauty of the video is in its simplicity. Barham sits on a stool with his guitar, plays and sings. It's an intimate, personal performance of a visceral piece of music.

Originally from Raleigh, N.C., American Aquarium has changed quite a bit since their debut. There are now four brand new members of the band, and three of them are from Texas.

Last April, Barham announced that the entire group was disbanding. This wasn't a huge surprise, as the singer previously stated that their 2012 album Burn.Flicker.Die would be the band's last project.

Recorded at legendary Muscle Shoals, Burn.Flicker.Die was produced by Jason Isbell. It took off in a really unexpected way for American Aquarium, who had been touring relentlessly for five years.

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The band followed up Burn.Flicker.Die with Wolves in 2015, and while they haven't announced any upcoming albums, they are hitting the road again this fall.

Barham and his new band mates will go on tour starting this Thursday, Aug. 31 in Lubbock. The tour hits both big cities and small towns through the end of November. With 33 stops in 15 states, there are ample opportunities to see them play.

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