See American Aquarium’s 360-Degree Interactive Live Video for ‘Wolves’

Screengrab via YouTube

Alright, this is cool.

While on the road in their old stomping grounds of Raleigh, N.C., American Aquarium and ReverbNation set up a 3D camera on stage to record the experience. Fans can now watch all of American Aquarium’s performance of their song “Wolves,” the title track off their most recent record.

3D video technology is pretty new, but this has to be one of the neatest uses of it so far. ReverbNation says it wants to help fans get closer to artists and feel what it’s like to be on stage, and this is definitely as close as we’ve seen aside from the real thing. (And it’s probably safer than trying to sneak up on stage during a band’s performance).

American Aquarium said on their Facebook page, “Every wondered what it would be like to stand on stage with us during one of our sold out ‘Roadtrip to Raleigh’ shows at the Lincoln Theatre??? Well now thanks to ReverbNation and 360 Videos on Facebook you can. If you like it, share it.”

It’s definitely most fun on a smartphone (just move it around and get a full view of the action), but you can also check it out simply by using your mouse or trackpad.

Once you get it figured out, enjoy rocking out to American Aquarium in what is hopefully one of many more of these cool videos to come.

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See American Aquarium’s 360-Degree Interactive Live Video for ‘Wolves’