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Reba McEntire's Valentine's Day Plans With Rex Linn Are So Relatable

The country queen's Valentine's Day meal will include tater tots.

Reba McEntire and her boyfriend, actor Rex Linn, are one of the cutest couples in country music, but when it comes to Valentine's Day, they aren't planning a fancy date. Instead, they've got themselves a reservation at Sonic.

McEntire chatted with People about their plans for the holiday this year, and she says they plan to have an in-car meal at the fast-food joint.

"We're going to be here in Nashville, and we're going to go to Sonic," she says. "We're going to hit it and have our favorites. We might even try something new maybe for dessert."

The restaurant is already one of their favorite places. McEntire shares that she often went there in her youth, and she and Linn ate there for their first-ever Valentine's Day celebration.

"We just had a blast doing it," McEntire says of their first Valentine's date. "We thought it was fun to set our food and our drinks up on the dash, take a picture of it and post it on social media and send it to our friends."

This year, McEntire is partnering with Sonic for her very own Valentine's Day meal. Reba's Sweetheart Meal is now available at the restaurant, and it features a cheeseburger, tater tots (or fries) and a chocolate covered strawberry shake. McEntire says she had a hard time choosing what to include in her meal since she's a fan of the whole menu.

"I love the footlong [quarter pound] coney. I love their ice. Their ice is the best," she says. "Of course, cherry limeade, I love that. I love all their shakes. But this chocolate covered strawberry shake, I bet I had two of them when we were shooting the commercial. I absolutely love it."

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McEntire's love for tater tots is well known, as she served the dish to her team members on "The Voice." Linn's nickname for McEntire also happens to be "Tater Tot," while her nickname for Linn is "Sugar Tot."

Although McEntire and Linn are excited for V-Day this year, they don't put too much stock in the holiday.

"Every day is Valentine's Day for us," she says. "We're just silly, goofy people in our 60s that love life [and] love each other."

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