THE VOICE -- "Lives Red Carpet" Episode 2420A -- Pictured: Reba McEntire --
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Was Reba McEntire Wearing an Engagement Ring on 'The Voice'?

Viewers noticed a certain fashion accessory.

During her red carpet arrival to Monday's (Dec. 4) episode of "The Voice," Reba McEntire caught people's attention with a certain fashion accessory. What appears to be an engagement band on her left ring finger led to speculation that wedding bells may be in the future for the country legend and her longtime partner, Rex Linn.

Ahead of the first live taping of the singing competition series' 23rd season, "Entertainment Tonight's" Cassie DiLaura asked point-blank about McEntire's bling.

"I just found it... I told Leslie," McEntire said, likely referencing brand manager Leslie Matthews Duggar. "'Imma put something over here, just let everybody talk about it.'"

DiLaura pressed further: ""You know I'm planning a wedding, am I still the only one planning a wedding?"

"Yes, you are," McEntire responded.

McEntire has been in a relationship with fellow actor Linn since early 2020, and by all signs, they're still enamored with each other. During an October appearance on "Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen," McEntire answered a fan question about whether or not she's seeking marital bliss.

"That would be up to him. I've been married twice. He's never been married," McEntire said. "So if he wants to, that's totally up to him."

In short, the ball's in Linn's court. Time will tell if he's already asked and the ring in question wasn't "just found" by McEntire.

McEntire wed rodeo champion Charlie Battles in 1976. They were married for 11 years. She tied the knot in 1989 with Narvel Blackstock and divorced him in 2015. Blackstock is the father of McEntire's son Shelby.

The "Fancy" singer also confided that she took pause when finding out that 66-year-old Linn has never been married.

"Was it a head-scratcher? Well, yeah, kind of," she shared. "We talked it out. Yeah."

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