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Reba McEntire's Former $22M California Estate Is as Impressive As the Queen of Country Herself

As Reba says, it's "tough sexy"

Some may call her the Queen of Country, but it's been a long time since Reba McEntire has lived anywhere close to the 8,000-acre Oklahoma cattle ranch she grew up on.

The singer, actress, and current coach on "The Voice" called Nashville home for many years before relocating to a massive Beverley Hills estate in 2003. Originally purchased by McEntire and her then-husband Narvel Blackstock in 2003 for a cool $9 million, the sprawling 9,242-square-foot estate boasts six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and more amenities than most five-star hotels.

The main house—because, of course, the 1.8 property includes at least one additional guest house on site—has two oversized fireplaces, a semi-circular wet bar, a massive wine cellar, and a maid's room. Around the property, you'll find other casual, normal-home things like private tennis courts, an outdoor pool table, a reflecting pond, and a Grecian-style swimming pool. Oh, and there's an entire outdoor living space that comes equipped with a kitchen, dining area, and living room.

McEntire resided in her stately Beverley Hills property for over ten years before selling it for a whopping $22.5 million in 2015 during her divorce from Blackstock. Just a few years later, she sold her charming Nashville home (dubbed Starstruck Farm) in 2017. It was later turned into a bed-and-breakfast that also hosts small events.

After doing some so-called "extensive" renovations, the buyer of her California estate put it back on the market in 2016 for $30 million. The current status—and owner—of the home is unclear.

Where Does Reba McEntire Live?

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At present day, it's unclear just exactly where in the world McEntire calls home. In a recent interview with Better Homes and Gardens promoting her new book "Not That Fancy: Simple Lessons on Living, Loving, Eating, and Dusting Off Your Boots," she stated that she has both a farm in Tennessee and a home in Los Angeles. Either way, guests are greeted the same.

"When a guest comes to your house, the first thing you say is, would you like something to drink," she said. "That's the Southern hospitality of 'have you eaten'—and it's just good manners, too."

Since the selling of her two estates in the late 2010s, the music and business mogul has been pretty mum about her real estate investments. But we have been lucky enough to catch glimpses of where she's currently residing.

In 2020, she shared a photo of her and her current beau, Rex Linn, holding chickens at what appears to be that Tennessee Farm. "The Tots, Sugar and Tater, have taken up farming," McEntire captioned the photo. "Meet Mr. Pecker."

Later that year, she posted a photo of another one of her farm animals: a donkey named Poncho. According to an interview with Parade, she currently shares a home in Los Angeles with Linn. Their mutual love for hospitality is partly what inspired her book book.

"I wanted a cookbook because I'd started my restaurant in Oklahoma, Reba's Place," McEntire said. "Then I wanted great pictures of the food beside the recipe because I hate a recipe without a picture! I want to know what it's going to look like! And then I wanted stories because Rex and I love to cook and entertain."

Reba McEntire's Style

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Though she hasn't given fans much of a glimpse into her current home, she did reveal a little bit about her style in "Not That Fancy."

In an expert from the book, the singer talks about how when it comes to decorating, she likes to "bring the outside in" with tons of natural elements like rich leathers, dark woods, plants, and photographs—taken by her—of landscapes and animals. She's also given her unique style and an equally unique title.

"My style is a little tough, a little bold, and a little edgy," she says. "I call it "tough sexy."

So how do you bring that "tough sexy" vibe into your own home? McEntire has a few tips:

  • Embrace plants: "Easy-to-care-for succulents and houseplants in pretty pots will bring life to any room," she writes, adding that faux greenery "works just as well." She personally loves fresh-cut roses.
  • Make outside the focal point when you can: "You'll always find my curtains wide open so I can enjoy the view of the Tennessee hills." She also has a few bird feeders hanging outside her windows that she loves to watch.
  • Bring in personal touches: "I love Pendleton wool blankets. They remind me of the time many years ago when Daddy came home from the Pendleton Round-Up rodeo with one. I still have it in my home today."

So, though we may not know exactly where McEntire is residing these days, we have a few clues into her iconic style and what makes her house feel like home.

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