Rainy Weather Promises Vibrant Fall Colors in Tennessee

Fall is one of the most popular times of year for a reason. The hot summer months are coming to an end, and there will soon be a cool breeze in the air. We start getting closer to three of the biggest holidays of the year (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas) and you get to transition your wardrobe to all of the cozy layers that have been in storage. But one of the best parts of the season is all of the beautiful changes in foliage. 

According to WZTV in Nashville, all of that bothersome rain is going to pay off soon with some truly stunning fall foliage. Chief Meteorologist Katy Morgan said that due to the above average rain fall this year, the fall colors when the leaves change are going to be out of control. 

25.8 inches of rain fell between April and August, and when combined with the warm and dry temperatures, you have an optimum recipe for prime autumn colors. Last year's peak leaf color was seen late October through early November so hopefully we can see the pretty colors a bit earlier. Early October maybe?

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Sourwood, dogwood, maple, sassafras and birch trees will be the main Tennessee trees to change to peak colors once we officially hit the best time of year (fall, of course) and we can't wait. How stunning will it be to visit Great Smoky Mountains National Park in the cooler weather? Talk about some awesome photo ops. Take a scenic drive on the Clingmans Dome Road, the Blue Ridge Parkway, or the Foothills Parkway for some truly gorgeous views at higher elevations — the first to show signs of color changes. Lower elevations will be the most beautiful views when the sugar maple, scarlet oak, sweetgum, red maple and the hickories change colors.

Fall foliage color changes will be on full display if you plan on visiting the Smoky Mountains Harvest Festival in Gatlinburg as well.

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