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Watch RaeLynn Perform Moving, Acoustic Song for Military Spouses

Late at night as the fireworks died down on the 4th of July, country music singer-songwriter RaeLynn grabbed her acoustic guitar and recorded a clip of a new song she wrote at the request of an army wife fan named Stacy who wanted to hear RaeLynn's take on being a military spouse. The result is a heartbreaking tune that displays her depth as a songwriter.

Titled "Camo," the snippet of the short music video RaeLynn shared on social media conveys how the sight of camouflage morphs from something one sees often growing up in Texas, worn as a fashion statement or to go hunting, into a sign of service and separation when one's husband or wife wears fatigues. "Truth is, I don't even get to see him when he's in camo," RaeLynn sings, using a play on words that perfectly suits country music's way of simultaneously giving listeners something relatable and instantly memorable. Fans have their fingers crossed that "Camo" will get a full release since the one-minute clip only sets the stage for a lengthier emotional track.

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As a contestant on season two of The Voice, RaeLynn had no idea that choosing Team Blake would catapult her into stardom. Though she didn't win the competition, she was signed to Republic Nashville and released a full album in 2017 called WildHorse. Since then, she's released a new single, "Queens Don't" from an upcoming yet-to-be-named LP. In the midst of recording music, RaeLynn made another major life change - she met and married Joshua Davis who has since enlisted in the army, giving her the insight needed to write such a poignant song on the 4th of July.

RaeLynn is currently on tour throughout the month of July with a couple of dates jotted down for August and October.

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