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Would You Get a Tattoo of Your Favorite Pyrex Pattern?

It's an undisputed fact that Pyrex has some excellent patterns on their iconic dishware. Some of the vintage patterns are highly sought by collectors, just as those same dishes are cherished when passed down through a family. But some Pyrex fans are taking their love of the vintage cookware to the next level by getting Pyrex tattoos.

You read that correctly. Some people are using the vintage Pyrex patterns as inspiration for body art, either by copying the same pattern from their favorite dish or using a representation of the dish itself. There are great examples posted on social media, with fans of the cookware brand showing off their old-school Pyrex designs.

Tattoos may not be for everyone, but these are really lovely and fun. For many of people with Pyrex tattoos, it's not just a homage to their favorite dishes, it's a connection to their family and the feeling of warmth and goodness that comes from cooking.

Today talked to a couple of Pyrex fans with tattoos featuring the unique designs. Tairyn Phillips told Today that she's been collecting vintage Pyrex for about eight years and that one of her treasured pieces is a friendship mixing bowl from her grandmother. Her inspiration for the Pyrex tattoo came from one of her other pieces. "This is one of my favorite patterns called woodland, and I was looking at a bowl I had one day and I was like, 'That would make the cutest armband tattoo.'"

Tattoo artist Becky Matheson told Today that she became a Pyrex fan because of her family. "Pyrex is so special to me because of the nostalgia factor," said Matheson. "I started my collection by receiving a couple of pieces passed down from grandparents or my parents."

Matheson showed her Pyrex love with an adorable tattoo of a hen in a Pyrex teacup.

Unless you know your vintage dishes, some of the signature designs aren't immediately recognizable as dish patterns, which gives them a whole interesting subtext, not to mention a way to find other Pyrex fans. If they get the tattoo, then they're part of the Pyrex tribe.


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Plus, the designs on the Pyrex tattoos really are pretty.


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The Pyrex-inspired tattoos are catching on and you don't have to be a fan of the dishes to love the designs. This awesome husband got a tattoo featuring a stack of Pyrex bowls because his wife is a fan; he found her first pink gooseberry bowl, which formed the idea for his tattoo.

It's a safe bet that Corning Glass Works, creator of Pyrex, never guessed their innovative new cookware would someday be the inspiration for Pyrex tattoos, but here's hoping the Pyrex-makers continue to make dishes with patterns that will inspire generations to come.

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