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Find the CorningWare Cornflower Dishes in These Two Stores

Somewhere in your kitchen cabinets, or in your mother or grandmother's kitchen cabinet, there's a CorningWare dish with the iconic blue cornflowers on the side. Maybe you've had one passed down to you, or maybe you've been looking for them on eBay or at garage sales. Well, now you can find them back in stores.

In honor of their 60th anniversary, Corelle is re-releasing the cornflower line with some dishes you'll recognize and some super cute modern versions of the classic dishes. The products start at around $6 and none of the products go for more than around $75.


Bed Bath & Beyond

You can find baking dishes, pie plates, and mixing bowls at both Bed Bath & Beyond (which has free shipping for orders over $29) and Corelle. There's also a 4-piece measuring bowl set available at both stores. Corelle has a few special pieces, including a charming 3-piece knife set, wide rimmed bowl, and serving platter. Plus, they have a casserole set that includes Pyrex glass lids.

I think my favorite piece might be the meal mug, a 20-ounce cup with a plastic cover that you can freeze soup in, take to work, and pop in the microwave.

The Corning, New York, company, now part of Corelle Brands, created the glassware to be "oven to table service" as a convenience for the modern home cook and baker. The new type of glassware could be used in the oven, on the stove top, and under the broiler. It was made for everyday kitchen use; chip-resistant and non-porous, it was designed to get cooks in and out of the kitchen quickly and ease their clean-up routine, too.

Cooks loved the space-age dishes. Literally; Corning Incorporated originally developed the glass-ceramic heated material in the 1950s to be used in rocket nose cones after S. Donald Stookey discovered Pyroceram. The glass-ceramic material was able to withstand huge temperature shocks, making it perfect for ballistic missiles and casserole dishes alike.

The cornflower pattern, with the tiny light blue posies, was the first to come out of Corning Glass Works in 1958. It was made for 30 years and although not the rarest of the vintage CorningWare patterns, it's still a prized find. The company is also known for its French White line of dishes, which are glazed stoneware.

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