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Find One of the Rarest Vintage Pyrex Designs at Target Only

Looking for vintage Pyrex? You're in luck if you love one particular rare pattern. Target has announced that starting in March, their stores will carry a new limited-edition line of vintage Pyrex, and that line will be one of the most-coveted Pyrex patterns out there.

The new line has the same pattern as the old, although the lids are all snap on, and will be sold in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can purchase a four-piece set for $12, while individual round dishes ranging from one cup to seven cups will be priced between $4 and $8. Target will also offer rectangular dishes in 3-cup, 6-cup, and 11-cup sizes, priced from $6 to $10.

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The Lucky in Love design was first introduced by Corning in 1959. The casserole dish included an opal lid, an unusual feature at that time. Opal lids didn't appear on any other Corning products again until they became standard in 1972. The casserole dish's design featured green grass around the base of the dish, two four leaf clovers in the middle, and various-sized pink hearts printed around the center. The green color bled through the pink hearts on the original design (something that seems to have been fixed on this new line).

The Lucky in Love pattern was never mass produced, probably in part because of the color issue. The Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York, now owns the original bowl used to test the green pattern; this bowl doesn't contain any of the pink hearts. According to the museum, the pattern was either produced as a test design or as a limited release.

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Corning Museum of Glass

For years, this rare design has been coveted by Pyrex collectors. On Sep. 17, 2013, a Lucky in Love 1 Qt Casserole was sold on EBay in a nail-biter of a week-long auction, finally going for $2,600. Other Pyrex bowl sets can sell for around $50-60 on EBay, depending on the pattern, with rarer pieces like a vintage green dot mixing bowl going for $70.

Pyrex dishes, like their mixing bowls and bakeware sets, are known for their durability. More and more, they're popular for their vintage charm as well. In a piece outlining Fall trends, Etsy noted that searches for vintage glass like Pyrex, opaque milk glass, and depression glass was sky high.

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