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30 Pumpkin Puree Recipes for Cozy Eats for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (and Dessert)

It's a pumpkin extravaganza.

If there's one ingredient you probably have a ton of in your kitchen during fall, it's pumpkin puree. Whether saving it for Thanksgiving pumpkin pie or other holiday desserts, pumpkin puree is the first step to fall deliciousness. Along with pumpkin spice, puree is the main ingredient that turns any recipe into nothing short of a pumpkin extravaganza.

If you happen to grab way too much pumpkin puree with big baking ideas in your head, don't panic. Ahead are 30 mouthwatering pumpkin puree recipes that may surprise you. Not only are there plenty of tasty pumpkin desserts, from whoopie pies and cookies to donuts and cheesecake bars, but you can also add pumpkin puree to comforting breakfast dishes like granola, baked oatmeal and pancakes. 

In addition to sweet treats, the list of pumpkin puree recipes has savory choices too. You can also use pumpkin puree for meals that include chili, soup and lasagna. Just imagine what a little pumpkin flavor can add to dishes like mac and cheese or gnocchi. Transform these already wonderful everyday meals into autumn classics ready to become your newest family tradition.

Celebrate the power of pumpkin puree and find your next favorite pumpkin recipe to get started!


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