Prosecco Pong Was Made for Those Classier than the Rest

It looks like this summer's party games just got classed up. Instead of playing yet another round of beer pong and waiting for your beer to warm up or go flat, you have now been authorized to play with prosecco. Prosecco Pong is the new drinking game that'll inspire you to never play with plastic cups at house parties or birthday parties again.

The British company Talking Tables recently released a set to get you started playing prosecco pong, the perfect opportunity to play a drinking game without feeling like a college student again. Featuring pink ping pong balls that are just delightful, this new game from England is fancy enough for a bachelorette party or even a baby shower, not just for college games. What could go wrong with something that's basically champagne pong? With a touch of class this is the perfect gift at all sorts of celebrations.

With everything but the bubbles included, you can easily cart this game around with you - the champagne flutes are plastic so you don't have to worry about anything shattering. For a classier set-up, you don't even need a ping pong table, just a surface. A rustic wood table is best for the vibe.


Play with one other person or set up a team. However you want to approach the game, it's all just in good fun. Of course, once the bubbly gets flowing and spirits get high, who's to say that things can't get heated as you toss those little pink balls into hollow stemmed flutes?

At $22.99 a pack, you can splurge and buy yourself two prosecco pong kits to take things to the next level and set up a tournament-style competition. Because who says that you can't be competitive when drinking classy, especially when drinking sparkling wine?

Not sure how you would even approach this game? Well, it's not terribly complicated. As long as you know the rules for beer pong, you should be able to handle a rousing game of prosecco pong fun. Although, there is no reason that you can't change the rules up since you switched the alcohol!

Plus, the shape of those prosecco glasses, similar to martini glasses, is going to give an added challenge to the new prosecco pong game, making winning a difficult job. Good luck getting the ping pong balls to stay in the shallow base of the wide-necked prosecco glasses!

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