Priscilla Block attends Audacy's Inaugural "Leading Ladies" event at Hard Rock Live at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood on May 11, 2022 in Hollywood, Florida.
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7 Priscilla Block Songs That Showcase Her Heart and Humor

Priscilla Block exploded onto the country scene in 2020 when her song, "Just About Over You," went viral on TikTok. The singer-songwriter had been working hard in Nashville long before that song took off, but the social media popularity gave her the jolt she needed to be recognized by country music record labels. The success of "Just About Over You," turned the heads of label executives, and Block signed with Mercury Nashville in 2020.

Now, Block is on the road and recording music for fans. She has played shows with the likes of Ashley McBryde, Dierks Bentley, and more, and she has even launched her own headlining tour, the Welcome to the Block Party World Tour. After being signed with Mercury Nashville, the North Carolina Native released her self-titled EP, which featured six songs. She then released her 12-track, debut album, Welcome to the Block Party, in February 2022. Although Block still has many more moves to make in country music, here are 7 of her best songs so far.

7. "Peaked in High School"

Block isn't afraid to show her sassy side in her music, and "Peaked in High School" proves that. In this acoustic-driven song, Block sings to the girl who bullied her in high school. Block shares that this girl never invited her to parties and even criticized her weight. Block gets her revenge in the song, however, as she sings about where she is now compared to the high school bully, who "Peaked in High School."

6. "I Bet You Wanna Know"

Block has mastered the art of the breakup song, and in "Bet You Wanna Know," she sings to an ex who can't get her out of his head. While she's out living her life and meeting other people, she knows her ex is wondering about her. The song features cool production and a driving rhythm as Block sings.

5. "My Bar"

After the initial success of her viral TikTok presence, Block continued to release music, and a standout track from her debut album is "My Bar." In this tune, Block lays claim to her favorite bar, pleading with her ex to stay away from it. The singer argues that she began going to the bar before her ex, and she simply doesn't want to see him there. The song showcases both Block's southern voice and her fun songwriting.

4. "PMS"

Priscilla Block followed up her TikTok success with a few extra tunes for fans, and one of them was "PMS." Co-written by Block along with Sarah Jones and Emily Kroll, this song showcases Block's clever songwriting as she decries all the not-so-happy things women have to deal with due to PMS. In the ultra-relatable song, Block lists some of the signs and symptoms of the monthly struggle, and she gives herself (and other women) a break, singing "I need seven days to go a little crazy / And be a big hot mess with PMS." 

3. "Sad Girls Do Sad Things"

Many of Block's songs are funny or sassy, but she shows her vulnerable side in "Sad Girls Do Sad Things." In this tune, Block sings from the perspective of a woman stuck in the cycle of heartbreak. Due to this heartbreak, she's spending too much time at the bar, spending the night with strangers and not recognizing who she is any longer. In the chorus, Block concludes she's acting this way because "Sad Girls Do Sad Things." The song features mellow, acoustic instrumentation along with twangy steel guitar and Block's country voice. "Am I low or am I lonely? / All I know is that this ain't who I wanna be / I guess sad girls do sad things," she sings in the chorus.

2. "Just About Over You"

"Just About Over You" is the tune that started Block's skyrocketing career. The singer first debuted the song on TikTok by singing it live soon after writing it. It didn't take much time for the original video to go viral, and her newfound fans were demanding a recorded version of the song. A fan then created a GoFundMe account for Block to record the tune, and she soon did, which led to even more acclaim and recognition from the music industry. The song was released as Block's official debut single in October 2020, and it landed at No. 17 on the charts.

1. "Thick Thighs"

"Thick Thighs" is another tune Block released to fans after the TikTok success of "Just About Over You." In this body-positive song, Block celebrates women of all shapes and sizes. Playing off the common phrase, "Thick thighs save lives," Block uses dry humor and clever songwriting to unashamedly love who she is. "I can't be the only one who likes extra fries over exercise / And never eat the produce that I buy / So why even try / You can't spell 'Diet' without 'Die' / I've been eatin' carbs since '95 / And I heard thick thighs save lives," she sings. 

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