Mississippi Man Turns Pothole into Personal Hot Tub


This Jackson, Miss. man found a genius way to bring attention to a city issue. Daniel Trussel turned an 8-foot pothole into his own personal "hot tub."

He then took a picture lounging in the makeshift tub and shared it to Instagram. That post earned more than 1,000 likes and 100 comments, which is pretty impressive. Trussel usually only earns a few comments per post.

The Mississippi resident says he got the idea while visiting friends. He saw the massive hole blocked off and just knew he needed to make a statement. So he came back and jumped in.

"It's definitely my most liked picture," Trussel told WJTV in Jackson. He commented "Chillin in my new hot tub," adding #jacksonlife to the end.

Chillin in my new hot tub. #jacksonlife

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But while the picture gets laughs, Trussel says the issue at hand is serious. "And I think it has to do with just the running joke in Jackson that everywhere you go this is a problem that exists," he says. A lot of folks empathize with the issue.

Workers went out to Avondale Drive and dug the hole back in November. Since then? Nothing. And neighbors felt fed up.

"People thought it was funny, but I mean people are fed up with it as well," Trussel says. "We all just want a solution so badly that I think people have just started to make jokes about it."

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So did it work? Well, not yet. The city still hasn't addressed the issue. WJTV also reportedly reached out to the city. But nobody responded.

Still, the photo is earning a lot of attention. The city won't be able to ignore the issue forever. And with crippling infrastructure issues in many of the Southern states, hopefully other cities will pay attention.

Hey, however it gets done. It just goes to show you never know what will go viral.

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Mississippi Man Turns Pothole into Personal Hot Tub