Texas firefighters
Facebook/Amarillo Fire Department

Photo of Texas Firefighters Comforting Children After Crash Goes Viral


Two firefighters are earning praise for their kind efforts to comfort two children after a car wreck.

The Amarillo Fire Department responded to a crash that involved the two youngsters. Neither were seriously harmed, but they were understandably shaken up. According to NewsChannel 10, firefighters Sam Berry and Jared Davis were snapped comforting the kids moments after they arrived at the scene. The image was shared on the Fire Department's Facebook page and has since gone viral.

"It's not always just medical treatment we provide," the photo's caption reads. "Here is a photo of firefighters Sam Berry and Jared Davis providing emotional support to two (uninjured) young children that were involved in a vehicle accident recently."



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"Every guy on the job has probably done this, we just happened to get photographed," Davis told NewsChannel 10. "I'm a firm believer that compassion is a form of medicine."

Still, the kind gesture has moved many to praise Berry and Davis for going above and beyond to help their community. For Berry, it just comes with the territory.

"It's just what we do," he says.


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