An Ode to Pizza Chain Drinkware

There's something about those plastic tumblers from Pizza Hut. Yes, the red and blue plastic cups that you filled with Coca-Cola or Pepsi right before hitting the salad bar. They weren't the fanciest drinkware, but we love them. I'm sure many of us have a memory of pulling one of those stackable cups from a pile of glass tumblers at a pizza buffet.

These clear tumblers have been on our minds more often than usual since we see some Pizza Hut locations are closing down. Be honest, did you take one of these tumbler cups from a buffet as a teen? These plastic tumblers will help you hold onto some memories. Thankfully, you can find the clear plastic tumblers on Amazon.

New Star Foodservice 46489 Tumbler Beverage Cups, Restaurant Quality, Plastic, 20 oz, Red, Set of 12


  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free plastic
  • 12 cups included

Sorry mason jars, you're out of style for now. The New Star Foodservice tumbler set is on Amazon for only $17.97. These plastic stackable tumblers will be your go-to cups for Coca-Cola and Pepsi sippin'. Next time you pick up pizza for the family, be sure to bring out these cups. The cups are Amazon Prime eligible. (Hello, free delivery.) Amazon's customer ratings are wonderful.

A customer left a 5-star review and said, "Great cups! Had the larger ones in blue and decided to go with red to match our plates. With kids doing dishes we constantly break glass cups and these have been a wonderful replacement when they fall on the floor and bounce without breaking. Do get water spots from dishwasher, I just wipe them with a towel before putting them away."

Summer is here, which means kids and grandkids will be spending a lot of time in the kitchen for a while. Put up the glassware and expensive drinking glasses and use these instead. These high-quality cups are break-resistant, which makes these cups the perfect tableware for kids.

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