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Where You Can Find the Last Popeyes Buffet

Update: May 24, 2021

The last remaining Popeyes Buffet might not reopen back up from the Pandemic. According to FOX, the original owners decided to shut the location down for good, then new management came in to buy it. There's no news yet on if it'll reopen as a buffet, but here's hoping! As a favorite location of Anthony Bourdain, this fast food chain buffet was a frequent stop when he was in the area.

The New Orleans-inspired chain is known for its new Popeyes chicken sandwich as well as its sides. Recently the company cut Cajun Rice and Green Beans from its menu. Let's hope the only Popeyes Buffet opens up when restrictions are lessened.

Today is also National biscuit day, and Popeyes is giving away free a biscuit and drink with any $5 purchase through the app or online. Use the code "#SoDry" during check out.

The original article from 4/27/2018 continues below:

Does the thought of an all-you-can-eat Popeyes buffet set dreams of fried chicken and biscuits dancing through your mind like sugar plum fairies? Us too.

That's why we gasped, applauded, and called our moms when we found out about the world's very last Popeye's buffet in Louisiana. While over 2,600 Popeye's restaurants in 30 countries worldwide serve up their signature Cajun fast food, only one location still dispenses the crispy comfort food in all-you-can-eat-buffet form. If you want to enjoy this endangered culinary experience firsthand, you'll have to travel to Lafayette, Louisiana.

Where did all of the Popeyes go?

Why is this the last Popeyes buffet? After all, as recently as a few years ago, Popeyes buffet locations abounded.

We asked. Popeyes isn't telling. Maybe the lure of all-you-can-eat proved redundant for Popeyes customers; a "regular" combo meal is already a feast.

Popeyes Buffet: All the Juicy Details

Unsurprisingly, the last Popeyes buffet attracts diners from far and wide. From 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day, this Popeyes on W. Pinhook Drive brings customer's endless cajun-dining fantasies to life daily. A ticket to this fast-food paradise will set you back just $10, only a couple dollars more than the price of a combo meal.

Besides fried chicken, customers hitting the buffet line can pile their plates with biscuits, mashed potatoes, gravy, fries, beans, rice, and more—as high as they dare to dream.

While the drink is extra, you're going to need something to wash down all that buffet goodness. Anyways, a Popeyes meal without sweet tea is a sad and lonely thing —like a biscuit without butter or mashed potatoes without gravy.


The Future of the Popeyes Buffet

Restaurant Brands International, the owner of Burger King and Tim Horton's, purchased Popeyes in March 2017. News of this acquisition might spark all new fast food fantasies (Whopper, with a side of biscuits? Fried chicken with a side of donuts?), but huge corporate mergers and acquisitions often lead to shake-ups.

The last all you can eat Popeyes buffet might thus be short for this world, so gather ye biscuits while ye may.

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