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6 Plants That Grow in Water Happily With the Right Conditions

For the plant-minded, you might be sick of "easy" plants and want to switch up your options in houseplants with some new indoor plants that don't just grow in a pretty pot with soil on your windowsill. How about plants that grow in water? Half the fun is watching their root systems develop, and with some rooting hormone, gardening tips, and propagating techniques, you'll have some happy indoor plants sprouting in water in no time.

There are several plants you can try out that will thrive in water, but here are a few you should definitely consider for new plants.

1. Chinese Evergreen

This plant is tolerant of low light and won't fuss too much if you're not great at plant care. They just need some fresh water and light (but not direct sunlight), and they're happy! Talk about a low-maintenance champ.

2. Begonias

They are a little more stubborn than some other plants about growing new roots once they're placed in something like a glass jar or mason jar full of water, but as long as you do weekly water changes, begonias can thrive in your little water garden for plants.

3. Lucky Bamboo

A type of Dracaena, these might be one of the more well-known plants that do well growing in water, but you should be careful about the water you're adding to them just in case — although they are generally OK as water plants, the minerals in some tap water can make them unhappy. They like bright light, but indirect light.

4. Devil's Ivy

Also called golden pothos, this vining plant has heart-shaped, yellow and green leaves that are variegated, and it is happy to climb or spill down, depending on how you arrange it. Pothos plants are some of the easiest plants to care for and will be just fine if you have good indoor air, enough water, and a grower who cares for it.

5. Philodendron

These indoor plants are also pretty easy, and propagation is simple, too: you just need to snip off some stem cuttings and let them do their thing. New leaves will pop 'a plenty as long as these plants have some light and a comfortable room temperature.

6. Spider Plants

?Is there anything spider plants can't do? I have a giant one that seems just as happy out on the porch as it does in a corner of my stairwell. As long as they are kept out of direct sun, trust me: you'll end up with more "pups" from these plants, even by growing them in water, than you'll know what to do with.

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