Pizza Hut Adds Nashville Hot Wings to Menu Ahead of March Madness

Let's get a little bit spicy up in here! According to a recent press release, Pizza Hut Nashville Hot Wings are hitting the menu just in time to cheer on your favorite team during March Madness. Inspired by sweat-inducing Nashville-style spice and southern heat, this limited-time new flavor features bold cayenne pepper sauce with the perfect blend of tangy, savory and sweet flavors.

Be warned, these new Nashville hot wings are the hottest flavor yet, so make sure to get an extra side of blue cheese or ranch dressing to cool off your mouth. Currently, the brand sells 10 different boneless and bone-in chicken wings. Before Nashville Hot Wings were introduced, their hottest flavor was Buffalo Burnin' Hot, which provides a "lip-numbingly spicy burn".

All the Pizza Hut Hot Wings Sauces

Available as boneless wings and in bone-out styles, select Pizza Hut Locations serve mouthwatering wings. Here's your choice:

Garlic Parmesan: This Italian flavor is packed with garlic.

Honey BBQ: Tangy, tasty and sweet, this sauce is the bee's knees.

Hawaiian Teriyaki: This mild sauce reminds you of luaus and pineapples. Lei not included.

Buffalo Mild: Classic and tangy, this buffalo sauce is mild enough to handle.

Spicy Garlic: The heat is on with this garlicky sauce.

Buffalo Medium: Finger-licking good, this sauce adds a nice kick of heat.

Buffalo Burning Hot: If you like spice, these Pizza Hut Wings are up there! Feel the lip-numbing spicy burn.

Nashville Hot: Hot, hot hot! This new flavor is the hottest wing on the menu.

Ranch: This dry rub is a classic flavor to enjoy.

Cajun Style: Nothing better than a dry rub with a creole kick.

Pizza Hut wings are 25 percent bigger than its competitors, cooked fresh and have the perfect crisp as you sink your teeth into. So what are you waiting for?

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