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Hidden Valley Pitches Ranch-Flavored Pop-Tarts Idea to Kellogg's

Let's add this to the list of food I never need/want to try in my life. Twitter user Kyle Heroff of St. Paul Minnesota, shared a photo of a box of Pop-Tarts on his feed. However, this wasn't your normal run-of-the-mill Pop-Tart Flavor. It was a ranch flavored Pop-Tart. Specifically Hidden Valley Ranch dressing.

The box design was created by Instagram user, Poptartaday, who posts wacky and creative mashups of food products. Some of his prior Pop-Tart creations include Takis Pop-Tarts, Dad Pop-Tarts (which are filled with steak), Garbage Pop-Tarts, Frosted Feet Pop-Tarts, and Axe Body Spray Pop-Tarts. Poptartaday also posts an assortment of other mashed up food products, one being Vaseline Yoplait yogurt.

On the Twitter front, Hidden Valley Ranch got wind of the viral tweet and added their own fuel to the fire, telling @PopTartsUS that they should give the people what they want.

Are Ranch-Flavored Pop-Tarts Real?

Pop-Tarts responded in the best way, "lol no".

Little Debbie even hopped in, ultimately tweeting that some people need to be protected from themselves.

How To Make Ranch-Flavored Pop-Tarts

For anyone craving the combination of ranch dressing and Pop-Tarts, I'm sorry to say you will have to cook it up yourself. There are countless recipes online to make your own homemade tarts. Even the Pioneer Woman has a recipe which uses refrigerated pie dough and powdered sugar and heavy cream for the frosting.

Our take: Substitute ranch dressing in place of the fruit jam, making sure to use less than needed in case of a rance dressing blow-out. If you are feeling creative you can even use the powdered ranch dressing in place of traditional sprinkles.

We aren't saying you should make this recipe as soon as possible to jump on this viral trend... but we also aren't telling you not to do it; if you get our drift.

This article was originally published on Jun 28, 2019.

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