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Fans Are Going to Miss The Pioneer Woman's Nephew Stu

When the covid-19 pandemic started in March 2020, Ree Drummond was one of many who had to change her routine. To accommodate for the sudden changes and uncertainty, the Food Network star had to make do without her normal filming crew for the Pioneer Woman, causing her to enlist her family to step up to the plate. This only added to the fun of the Food Network show, which featured more laughs and less formality with the Drummond crew in tow. Sadly, Ree Drummond is now saying goodbye to her nephew Stu on The Pioneer Woman and welcoming back her old crew.

The Drummond Family Film Crew

The Pioneer Woman's make-do film crew included various members of the Drummond family, her daughter Alex, son-in-law Mauricio, daughter Paige, and of course her lovable nephew "Stu" Stewart. As she recently posted on her social media accounts, her nephew's last day filming her show was yesterday, and she's sad to see him go.

Back in April 2020, he stepped in to shoot a "couple of episodes," which eventually turned into over 80. However, the fun is coming to an end, as he's about to leave the Pawhuska, Oklahoma family ranch for a summer internship in Chicago. Stu will then go back to college at the University of Arkansas in the fall, and Drummond's old crew will be back for filming in July.

Drummond is open about how much she adores her nephew, and her post about his leaving included "I love this kid so much, and we've had the greatest laughs. So proud of you Stu, and Aunt Ree will miss you so much!!! (Oh, and see you at Paige's graduation in like eight days, ha.)"

In another post, she says "Usually I go a step further and call him Tooie Booie. I told him I was going to stop calling him Tooie Booie and start calling him Stuart. It lasted about nine minutes. I love this boy a lot."

It seems that Ree isn't the only one with a soft spot for Stu. On her Facebook post about him leaving, many fans shared their feelings, saying things like "Oh Stu, we are going to miss you! You are so handsome, kind and funny and we love your deep voice and mustache! God bless you in your future. So glad to have gotten to spend a couple of years with you!"

Who is Stu?

Many The Pioneer Woman fans have been wondering who this handsome fellow with his signature mustache is. Stu, whose full name is Stuart Smith, is from Texas but has been based in Oklahoma as he helps with The Pioneer Woman. Stu is the son of Ree Drummond's brother Doug Smith and his ex-wife Suzanne Holland.

Stu is currently studying supply chain management, and he's expected to graduate in 2023. We're not sure what his plans are after that, but fans definitely enjoyed his presence on The Pioneer Woman and wouldn't be mad if they saw his face (and mustache) from time to time!

The Pioneer Woman's Nephew Caleb

Although Ree Drummond's nephew Stu is a lesser-known face in the Pioneer Woman empire, many fans are well-acquainted with her other nephew Caleb Drummond because of the accident he was in March 2021 with Ree Drummond's husband Ladd. On that scary day in March 2021, Ree Drummond's nephew Caleb and Ladd Drummond were in a head-on car crash between two fire trucks.

21-year-old Caleb was in critical condition at first, and Ladd broke his neck in two places, but both Caleb and Ladd Drummond made a full recovery. Although Ladd had to wear a neck brace for a few months, the two made it out no worse for wear.

However, Caleb made the news a month later for getting a DUI. Fortunately, there hasn't been more excitement on that front!

Future Plans for The Pioneer Woman Show

Changes are in the air for The Pioneer Woman, and many fans are excited for the original crew to return. Because she didn't have professional videographers, Drummond had to focus on kitchen activities. However, since the original crew will be back in a few months, the show will get to feature more ranch activities like in the old days.

Drummond said "It was tough to get it done last year because we were self-shooting everything, but we've got a plan now. It'll be fun!!"

Many fans are excited to see more of the ranch and animals, since these have always been some of the most fun and unique parts of the show. One fan said "Glad that things are getting back to the ranch activities. I miss all that. Kids did great!!"

Although the pros are coming back to the ranch, Drummond won't be sacrificing any family time. In response to a fan's question about whether the kids will stay involved, she said "Yes, they will!! It will be the best of both worlds, I think!"

Many fans felt that the family dynamics were one of the best parts of the show, and one heartfelt comment said "Watching you and your kids really comforted me through the scariest part of the pandemic. I remember, back when all the pandemic nonsense started, I would watch you and your kids and actually forget to be scared and nervous...Your kid crew episodes were my happy place."

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