Instagram: P-Town Pizza

The Pioneer Woman Pizza Restaurant is Now Open!

If you still have summer travel plans to make, you might think about a swing through a small town in Oklahoma since the Pioneer Woman pizza restaurant is now officially open in Pawhuska.

Over the weekend, Ree Drummond announced via her Instagram that the her new restaurant, P-Town Pizza, was almost ready to open.

And over on Facebook, the new restaurant posted a Hello, World greeting.

Ree and Ladd are so excited to be opening P-Town Pizza in Pawhuska! The pizza is out-of-this-world good (you won't believe the varieties), the wings are wonderful, the salads are fresh and tasty, the desserts are mouthwatering...and don't get us started on the signature cocktails. Good stuff, and we look forward to welcoming both locals and visitors to our fun place! We are dotting the last i's and crossing all the t's...we will let you know when our doors are open!

Monday saw the official good news from the new P-Town Instagram:

The new restaurant is more than just pizza. They have salad, wings, and mason jar desserts. But really, the star of the show is the pizza.

P-Town also offers signature cocktails, including two versions of a Bloody Mary (one that has cheese involved, which officially makes it objectively the best Bloody Mary).


P-Town Pizza is located at 515 Kihekah Avenue in Pawhuska, just down the street from The Pioneer Woman Mercantile.

The Food Network star and her husband just opened The Boarding House, a "cowboy luxury" hotel. They are also planning a reservations-only restaurant called P.W. Steakhouse.

And if you can't make it to Pawhuska right away for Pioneer Woman pizza, you can find some great recipes in her cookbook The Pioneer Woman Cooks or on Ree's blog, including this recipe for "bruschetta pizza" which is like bruschetta on top of a four-cheese pizza.

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