The Pioneer Woman Plays Never Have I Ever and We Want to Be Friends IRL

Ree Drumond is on a roll lately. From the announcement that the Drummonds are opening a hotel in Pawhuska to the news of the Pioneer Woman's new holiday line at Walmart, she seems to be everywhere. What we love most about her is that for all of her fame and fortune, she's the 23rd largest landowner in the U.S. after all, is that the Pioneer Woman never forgets where she comes from.

She was a judge on the "Christmas Cookie Challenge" this year, so she partnered up with Food Network for this fantastic game of Never Have I Ever with cookie shots full of milk. For everything she's done, she has to take a shot!

Did you learn anything new about Ree? Here are the things she's done.

  • Sprayed whipped cream out of the can into my mouth

  • Double dipped at a party

  • Eaten an entire pizza in one sitting

  • Cooked for more than 100 people at once

  • Gone back for thirds at a buffet

  • Eaten a block of cheese by myself

  • Let my kids eat candy for breakfast

She even did two shots for eating an entire pizza! We can't blame her, have you seen how small some frozen pizzas are? They definitely do not serve eight people.

And when she says that's she gone back for fourths at a buffet, we officially knew why we loved this Oklahoma gal so much. So what has she never done?

  • Googled herself

After seeing this video, we love her even more! How could you not?

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