Pie Birds: The Unique Kitchen Tool Your Pies Need

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There are a ton of kitchen secrets home cooks swear by, especially with baking pies. Pie hacks range from tips like using wax paper, pressing dough into ice cube trays, and even using tongs to create a crimping pattern. Surely you know these tips and tricks, but using a pie bird might be unfamiliar to some.

Have you ever seen a ceramic bird peeking out the top of the pie crust? No, it's not a wacky collectible bakers use for a silly aesthetic. Pie birds are helpful kitchen tools for the baking process of fruit pies. They work as pie funnels, meaning they allow steam to escape from your pie.

Where Do Pie Birds Originate From?

Pie funnels have been around since Victorian times. These cone-shaped funnels were designed to let steam escape from the top crust of meat pies, leaving the bottom crust with the perfect texture and filling at the perfect temperature.

Pie filling will start boiling over if steam can't escape. If your cherry pie overheats, you will end up with a soggy pie. You don't want that.

Norpro 3262 Ceramic Pie Bird, 4in/10cm tall, Black

We're not sure when these funnels turned into bird-shaped pie vents, but we're not complaining. The cute bird's heads add character to freshly-baked pies. Check out this blackbird figurine.

It's adorable! All you need to do is place it in the center of the pie and place the filling around it. Steam will escape through this cute little birdy's beak. It is an oven-safe cookware piece! Just be sure to hand wash it.

Pie bakers are saying wonderful things about this steam-venting pie bird. A customer gave it five stars and said it's just as good as Grandma's! See for yourself.

I'd say pie birds are a must-have for pie baking. Are you feeling inspired to bake a blueberry or apple pie? Check out these mouth-watering pie recipes. For more pie whistles and pie chimneys, check out these super unique ones from eBay.

These steam vent birds would make the perfect collector's item for someone you know who loves to bake.

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This post was originally published on May 4, 2020.