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4 Types of Peony Seeds To Add To Your Garden

Peonies are such a vibrant and beautiful kind of garden flower or wildflower. They make gorgeous cut flowers and any flower grower who has worked with them knows they can brighten up just about any garden before they're cut for arrangements, too. And peony seeds aren't that difficult to get!

If you've never grown peony plants — also known as Paeonia suffruticosa — before, you may be at a loss about what kinds of peony varieties you should get when you're planning to grow them that first year. They have a fairly typical growing season, tending to bloom from late spring to early summer, though some will continue to bloom into late summer. They are a fairly hardy plant, and germination occurs reliably as long as viable seeds are planted in "evenly moist" conditions, according to SF Gate.

Peonies can be grown from flower seeds you buy or you can obtain seed pods from a peony flower plant. They can also be grown from peony roots in some cases. Most nurseries offer early, midseason and late blooming varieties to match your garden needs. If you're strategic, you can have peonies throughout the entire blooming season by planting a few different types around your garden.

 Peonies are a great flower to choose for your garden, providing a sweet-smelling visual treat that adds a pop of color to your yard. These lovely flowers bloom in pink, red, orange, yellow and white, and you can even find a variety that will change colors throughout its blooming process. If you're looking for suggestions for which peony seeds to pick, look no further. We've picked out a few here you should consider.

1. Herbaceous Peony Seeds

The Peony Society reported that herbaceous peony seeds are "the most commonly available type." They have "a range of flower forms, color, and plant habits." You can get packs of a mix of herbaceous peonies at Peony's Envy.

2. Itoh Peonies

Itoh peonies were initially made by crossing herbaceous peonies and tree peonies. These seeds will produce "immense flowers" according to American Meadows.

3. Paeonia Suffruticosa (Tree Peonies)

On that note, tree peonies alone are a good option. They stay above ground all year and are native to China, according to Garden Design.

4. Papaver Paeoniflorum (Peony Poppies)

These are actually poppies, but look a whole lot like peonies if you don't have the patience for peonies or they won't grow well in your garden. They mostly come in varieties of pink and white flowers.

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This post was originally published on April 13, 2022.

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