Use Our 5 Helpful Tips to Keep Those Fresh Spring Flowers Around Longer

I absolutely love getting fresh flowers, and honestly who doesn't? Whether I'm receiving them as a gift or picking them out of my garden, fresh flowers are sure to brighten up a room. Unfortunately, a bouquet of fresh cut flowers only lasts for a few short days. The petals start to fall off, the stem begins to droop, and the water turns brown and starts to smell funky. It's really a sad sight to see that once gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers now sitting in the garbage.

We all know that fresh flowers don't last forever, but with some of these helpful tips and tricks, you can add on a few extra days to your bouquet so the flowers last longer.

1. Cut stems on an angle.

A common mistake that some folks make after receiving or buying a bouquet of flowers is just leaving them as is. Using garden shears or heavy duty sharp scissors, trim off about one to two inches of the flower stem on an angle. Cutting stems on an angle will allow them to absorb the water better.

Try to remember to re-cut your bouquet of fresh flower stems once every couple of days for a fresh cut stem.

2. Trim off extra leaves.

Any leaves below the water line should be removed in order to keep flowers fresh longer. It'll make your bouquet of fresh flowers look better in the clean vase, but it will also prevent bacteria growth. Leaves that sit in the water will cause the bacterial growth and rot, which leads to that awful smell.

3. Keep fresh flower bouquets hydrated.

Keeping a flower bouquet hydrated with fresh water will keep them fresh longer, so make sure to stick them in a clean vase right after you cut the stems. The water temperature also plays a big role into keeping them around for a long time. You want to make sure you are using lukewarm water, which is the perfect happy medium.

If you use cold or hot water, you'll risk shocking your pretty spring flowers. Make sure to change out the vase water every one or two days before it gets too cloudy.

4. Don't forget to feed your flower bouquet.

Just like you and I need food, so do your fresh flowers! If your flower bouquet comes with that little packet of flower food, use it! Make sure to throughly mix the flower food in the fresh water. This helps prevent bacteria growth and nourish the flowers.

If you don't have a packet of flower food, try out these common household ingredients you can use instead.

  • Mix one part of lemon-lime soda with three parts fresh water. Add in a splash of household bleach to help the water stay clear.
  • Mix about two tablespoon of lemon juice with one tablespoon of sugar (sugar nourishes plants) per one quart of water. You can also add in a splash of household bleach to the mixture.
  • A tried-and-true way to keep flowers fresh longer is by dissolving a crushed aspirin into the water.
  • Mix together two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of sugar with the vase water.
  • This might laundry strange but, add in a copper penny and a cube of sugar to the clean vase water. The copper acts as an acidifier, which prevents bacteria growth.

5. Choose the right spot.

Keep cut flowers fresh by placing them in the right spot. Flower arrangements should stay out of direct sunlight or near appliances that heat up. Flowers will last longer in a room with cool temperatures and in a shady spot.

Do you have any tips to share with our community? Let us know in the comments! After all, a bouquet is a terrible thing to waste.

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