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Paula Deen's Sweet Tea Recipe is Everything We Need for Summer

For many, Paula Deen takes the role of a Southern fairy godmother, supplying comfort food and a big laugh when we need it most. One of her most quintessential recipes is her sweet tea, which is simple, delicious, and perfect for hot summer's day. Paula Deen's sweet tea recipe is the epitome of Southern charm.

Paula Deen's Sweet Tea

On, you can see all of Deen's tasty recipes, from fried chicken to blackberry cream pie and everything in between. Deen's iced tea recipe is ideal for this time of year, as you can make a batch and keep it in the fridge to enjoy whenever it strikes your fancy. While black tea is most commonly used for sweet tea, you can also use green tea. If you're making a batch to last all week, you can use family-size tea bags.

Paula Deen's recipe is quick and easy, including the simple but classic ingredients of cold water, cold brew tea bags, and sugar. If you're feeling fancy, garnish with lemons and fresh mint leaves! Squeeze in some of the lemon juice or add a sprig or two of mint into your tea for extra flavor. You can also make this recipe your own, by adding fresh peaches or fresh strawberries for a fruity twist.

All you need to make Paula Deen's sweet tea is a few ingredients, a medium saucepan, and ice cubes for a cool, refreshing drink. Check out her website for the full recipe! If you're feeling something a little more fancy, Paula Deen also has some tasty summer cocktail recipes.

Paula Deen's Care Packages

Paula Deen is making it even easier to enjoy her summery sweet tea with her sweet tea care packages! Each package includes a Southern Sweet Tea Towel, Southern Sweet Tea Silicone Coaster, Southern Sweet Tea Block Sign, and her Peach Flavoring. Here's the link to see for yourself. Paula Deen and her sweet tea are all we need this summer!