How to Make Gorgeous Christmas Ornaments from Pasta

The last time I went to Target, I was overwhelmed by the holiday decoration cove in the back of my local store. There were baubles, lights, figurines, and more candy than I was expecting, but the price tags weren't so cheap. I wanted to do a quick comparison on prices, and as it turns out, my local Randall's supermarket had Christmas lights for half of what Target offered. I was, as one might say, targeted. This experience tuned me into DIY Christmas decorations, especially those that are relatively inexpensive to make. Welcome to the world of dry pasta Christmas ornaments and wreaths.

Oftentimes, we forget what the holiday season is all about. Of course it's a great time of year to boost the economy by buying in, but when you want to return to a simpler way, DIY ornaments and decorations are the way to go. Crafty Panda, of Bored Panda, released this video of 7 Christmas Ornaments from Pasta, and it inspired me to try out some new Christmas crafts this season. I think it'll do the same for you!

The best part about a homemade Christmas ornament is that it's sentimental and thoughtful. Sure, you could buy different kinds of ornaments for gifts every year, but what really makes a handmade project special is the time spent on creating something for someone special. So grab your hot glue gun, and let's take a peek at these craft ideas.

1. Flower Christmas Ornament

Conchiglie rigate pasta pieces, or shells, are painted silver and glued together in the shape of a flower to make an easy pasta ornament. Of course, you can use different pasta types to accomplish any of these DIYs, but the pattern here is fantastic.

Don't stop there! You can create a sweet bouquet of Christmas flowers by using spray paint in various colors and propping them up to create a small tabletop Christmas decoration.

2. Christmas Wreath

Bowtie pasta is painted green and red to form a sweet wreath in this pasta ornament craft tutorial. To make it sparkle, pick up metallic spray paint and just spritz the outside of the wreath while covering the inside to create an ombré effect.

3. Snowflake Ornament

Using penne pasta, amazing snowflakes are created by forming a six-point pattern. Glitter and spray paint are used to create the DIY snowflake ornaments effect. This kid-friendly craft makes effortlessly beautiful snowflakes, and is a great gift.

4. Race Car Ornament

This is one of the more intensive ornament craft ideas, but it's perfect for the car-obsessed in your life. In no time, your Christmas tree will be adorned with lots of tiny race cars with wagon wheels!

5. Mini Christmas Tree

An ornament of your Christmas tree on your Christmas tree? Why not! These Christmas tree ornaments might even look better than the real thing in your living room right now. Had you ever seen a pasta Christmas tree before? I hadn't!

6. Christmas Ornament Star

This is more time-consuming than the rest, but the larger star ornaments really shine when covered in gold spray paint.

7. Christmas Star Decoration

This bright red Christmas star ornament is another fun way to use shells to create a plethora of holiday crafts.

Have you ever made these homemade Christmas decorations? It seems like creating pasta snowflakes are the perfect easy crafts to a blustery, chilly day leading up to Christmas Eve!

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