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Palmetto Cheese is the Pimento Cheese with Southern Soul

Pimento Cheese, a cheese spread made with mayonnaise, pimentos, and of course, cheese is a huge part of southern cuisine. Palmetto Cheese, aka "pimento cheese with soul," was born in the Lowcountry of South Carolina and is loved by customers around the country.

The recipe, developed by Sassy Henry in the mid-90s', would serve her delicious cheese spread to tailgating friends at Atlanta Braves games. In March of 2002, Sassy, her husband Henry, and two children left Atlanta and moved to Pawleys Island, South Carolina to take over the Sea View Inn. Cook and family friend, Vertrella Brown (pictured on the container lid) started producing batches of Sassy's recipe at the Sea View Inn for guests. Turns out, it became a huge hit.

Since this cheese was a success at the Inn, they began selling containers at a local seafood store to see how it would do on shelves. Soon enough, their Palmetto Cheese went from the seafood shop to local grocery store shelves. To keep up with demand, the production of Palmetto Cheese moved from the Sea View Inn to a bigger facility in Pawleys Island. Sold at over 9,000 grocery stores in 40 states across the country, folks can't get enough of this deliciousness.

Made with quality ingredients like real Wisconsin sharp cheddar cheese, cream cheese, mayonnaise, pimentos, and other spices and ingredients, Palmetto Cheese comes in three incredible varieties, which also happen to be gluten free: original, with jalapeños, or with bacon. I dare you to try picking up just one tub at the grocery store!

Sold in brightly colored tubs, Palmetto Cheese is great to serve at any time of the year, especially to a crowd of hungry guests. Simply serve as an appetizer with crackers and pretzels or shake things up a bit. Palmetto Cheese can be used in a number of dishes. Soups, casseroles, dips, biscuits, the possibilities are endless. If you need a little inspiration, check out their website for all your Palmetto Cheese culinary needs. It's loaded with a ton of real southern recipes to get you started.

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