Are You Brave Enough to Try Mayonnaise Ice Cream?

Never thought you'd be asked that question before? Alas, one ice cream shop has broken the boundary that states mayonnaise is a condiment meant for sandwiches and egg salad. Known for their out-of-the-box ice cream flavors, the Ice Falkirk ice cream shop specializes in artisan ice cream in Falkirk, Scotland. The Ice Artisan Ice Cream is no stranger to unique flavors like Monster Energy and Bubblegum, however, one flavor may cause your head (and gag reflex) to turn: Hellmann's Mayo.

No matter how much of a mayo addict you may be, this new flavor is out there. Ice cream and gelato flavors are often unconventional, but the fact that mayonnaise ice cream exists brings it to a new level.

Like many outrageous food fads and flavors (looking at you Sonic Pickle Slush), social media took it into its own hands to comment on the trending flavor, where foodies were either enthralled or disgusted by mayonnaise-flavored ice cream. One Instagrammer commented, "You are the heroes we need and not the heroes we deserve. #bless". Others were not too sure on the flavor and deemed it, "Nasty AF".

Unlike in America, mayonnaise is one of the top condiments in the UK. In fact, year mayonnaise topped ketchup as one of the most popular condiments to use, selling ?152 million vs ketchup at ?145 million. Most Scottish people and Brits reach for the stuff instead of ketchup to doctor up their chips (French fries for us Americans).

The mayonnaise ice cream is a full on hit for anyone who is a true fan of Hellmann's brand. According to tasters, the frozen treat had an eggy milky aftertaste with a bit of twang. Plus, the texture is similar to soft serve.

While it did cause a lot of hoopla, one company really stole the show with their twitter reaction to mayo ice cream.

— Miracle Whip (@MiracleWhip) July 25, 2018

Miracle Whip, a salad dressing manufactured by Kraft Foods, jumped on the wagon with a cheeky tweet. Perhaps it's okay for them to be bitter since their recipe falls under the title, "salad dressing" rather than "mayonnaise" due to the lack of oil. But that's another story.

For the brave mayonnaise lovers out there, you can make our own mayonnaise ice cream. Here's an ice cream recipe similar to the flavor sold by Ice Falkirk. Who needs vanilla ice cream when you can have mayo-flavored?

This article was originally published on July 27, 2018.