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Camp In Style This Summer With These Cabin Tents That Fit Up To 20 People

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If your camping trip plans involve a large family, there are options out there that don't just include an RV or a cheap motel. There are actually multi-person tents that will fit a dozen or more people at once — so consider one of these multi-person tents from Ozark Trail if that sounds like you and your family this summer. These are some of the best tents on the market, whether you and your fellow campers are seeking a cabin tent with one large space or a huge 20-person dome tent that has room dividers for extra privacy. They all have unique features that will make your camping experience a better one — like pockets to store your phone, ports to charge your devices, and enough space to fit your queen-sized camping mattresses.

Camping with groups doesn't have to be cramped. Keep these Ozark Trail Tents in mind if typical two to four-person backpacking tents don't meet your camping gear needs. Our favorites are below:

Best Ozark Trail Tents

1. A Classic 12-Person Tent


Ozark Trail 12-Person Cabin Tent - Walmart, $184.00

This family camping tent looks awesome. It's designed to resemble the sorts of cabins that'll remind mom and dad of summers spent camping at local state parks or the regional Boy or Girl Scout camp. Beyond aesthetics, this A-frame cabin tent combines size (a spacious 14' x 12' with 113-inch center height) with simplicity (it's made for easy set-up and pack-down). Comfort's in play, as well, with this spacious option fitting two queen-sized air mattresses, which cover enough space for 12 sleeping bags. There's also mesh windows and a mesh roof for cooling off on breezy evenings.

The tent features include built-in storage pockets for smaller items, two rope light sets, a carry bag, a sealed-seam rainfly for added weather protection and a built-in awning and mud mat.

2. A 12-Person Tent With Room Dividers

Ozark Trail Hazel Creek Cabin Tent - Walmart, $319.00

This roomy option (20' L x 9' W x84" H) offers similar perks as the above 12-person option, but with a little more privacy. It comes with two room dividers to keep you from having to share trail snacks or your airbed, as well as a couple of closets for your storage needs. One removable divider is made with silver-coated fabric, making it a potential movie screen for optimal outdoor entertainment.

Just like the above option, there's string lights, a mud mat, an e-port (for easy electrical cord access) and rolling storage duffel for additional convenience.

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3. A 20-Person Tent For The Ultimate In Camping Luxury

Ozark Trail 20-Person Cabin Tent - Walmart, $269

This massive, deluxe multi-room tent fits up to six queen air mattresses and 20 sleeping bags. Seriously, The Waltons could live in this thing comfortably. Beyond being huge (25 ft. x 21 ft. 6 in. with an 83 in. center height), it has all of the weather protection and storage amenities of the above options. There's lots of fun options for smaller groups, too — with the center being a potential common area and the window situation allowing campers to use one of the outdoor camping tent's rooms as a screen porch/screen room/vestibule.

This large tent comes with 20 steel and fiberglass tent poles and 22 tent stakes, with expected setup time for two people logging in at 25 minutes.

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