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'Outer Range' Recap Episodes 3 & 4: Royal Abbott Takes Extreme Measures


Warning, spoilers ahead for Outer Range season 1.

With every episode of Prime Video's new Western series Outer Range, things just keep getting more interesting. It seems Royal Abbott isn't the only one who knows about the strange void in his west pasture, but what does everyone want with it?

Episode three, "The Time," brings Royal and Autumn together as allies amid the Trevor Tillerson disappearance, and based on Amy's discovery, we learn there is definitely more to the void than we thought. Episode four, "The Loss," makes Royal take extreme measures to get answers while trying to protect his family. We also learn more about his bizarre neighbor Wayne Tillerson (Will Patton).

Here are the six most notable moments from Outer Range episodes 3 and 4.


Episode 3

  • Autumn keeps getting more interesting. After picking up her prescription in town she sees Royal's truck at a local bar and stops in to talk to him. Turns out it's actually Perry in the bar and she learns about his missing wife.
  • While shopping downtown, Cecilia sees a truck swerve driving down the street and thinks it might be Rebecca. It wasn't her, but it rattles her so badly she can't even pray for Rhett prior to his rodeo. She complains to Royal that this has never happened to her and she's worried about what's going on with herself internally.
  • Deputy Sheriff Joy is getting pressured to take Trevor's disappearance seriously and as a result, discovers that it was Rhett's blood on the belt buckle Luke brought to her. She questions him about it prior to his rodeo event and despite seeming rattled, he goes on to win the night. He's feeling so on top of the world that he even has the courage to take things a step further with his high school crush Maria.
  • It's a short-lived high because Rhett ends up peeing on a cop's car and gets brought to the local jail for the night. He admits to Joy that he got into a fistfight with Trevor the night he disappeared, but maintains he was standing outside the bar when he left him (not a lie). Royal comes to pick him up and swipes the bloody belt buckle from Joy's office.
  • Royal and Autumn have a talk at her camp. He wants her to keep quiet about everything she's seen in terms of the dead body and the void in general and she agrees only if he tells her what he saw when she pushed him into the void. He admits that he went to a future timeline and says she can stay and he'll continue talking to her about "everything." He notices she's wearing a rock necklace that looks like the void.
  • As Joy is driving down the street, she sees a mountain disappear and reappear in front of her. Royal also notices this behind Autumn as he's talking to her. That mountain happens to be the very one Amy likes to regularly hike on the Abbott property and when she goes exploring after school, she finds Trevor's dead body.

Episode 4

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  • Opening 9 months in the past, we see Wayne Tillerson in his office. One of his workers finds a rock that looks just like Autumn's necklace and brings it to him, explaining he found it near the Abbott west pasture. Wayne admits he's seen something similar in the past.
  • Joy comes out to the Abbott Ranch to get Trevor's body and question the family. She asks Amy about the night Luke and Billy came banging on their door and she confirms everyone was home except for Rhett.
  • Perry and Royal are frantically trying to reach Rhett to pass along the alibi they made up for him, but he isn't answering his phone. Instead, he's going to visit Maria at work. He gets stopped by a cop outside the bank where she works who demands he tell him where he was that night. Maria jumps in to say he was with her.
  • The Tillerson boys' mother Patricia comes back to town to plan Trevor's funeral, which the Abbott family attends. One big twist, the medical examiner reveals that the body had only been dead for 10 hours when he was found. She tells Luke at the funeral that she thinks it was Perry behind Trevor's death.
  • Autumn ends up in a backroom card game at the Tillerson house following Trevor's funeral. Royal challenges her to a game of cards, betting his pasture in order to get her rock and the truth behind it. She agrees and Royal cheats in order to win, getting back into his truck afterward with the suspicious rock.
  • Wayne's crazed obsession with his own rock leads him to the void on the Abbott pasture in the middle of the night. Royal is there too and jumps him from behind starting a fistfight. He thinks he's bested Wayne but Wayne hits him with his rock from behind and drives back off, ecstatic about his discovery.

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