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Gordon Ramsay's Son Oscar Napping With a Whisk Is Too Cute to Handle

Most of us picture a red-faced chef shouting creative insults when we hear the name Gordon Ramsay. However, when this celebrity chef isn't making an idiot sandwich, he can be found being a surprisingly sweet and loving father to his children. The latest heartwarming moment we've seen of the Ramsay family is the heartwarming picture of his Oscar Ramsay having a culinary-themed nap.

Gordon Ramsay the Family man

It turns out there's more to Gordon Ramsay than the intimidating persona we see on Hell's Kitchen, MasterChef and Kitchen Nightmares. The Hell's Kitchen judge is also a family man. He and his wife Tana Ramsay have five children, Matilda, Jack, Megan, Holly and Oscar. Oscar Ramsay is his fifth child, the baby of the family at only two years old.

Last year, during lockdown, Gordon Ramsay started making TikTok videos with his 19-year-old daughter Tilly, showing his sense of humor and personality outside of the kitchen. He's also involved in Oscar's social media account, in which fans can see quality content of the family cutie, from doggo cuddles to milk mustaches.

Baby Chef Oscar

Recently, Gordon Ramsay posted a new photo of his youngest son Oscar fast asleep, and it stole the internet's heart. Baby Oscar is cute enough on his own, but this pic reaches a new level of cuteness because of what the little boy is holding in his hand.

Little Oscar is sleeping soundly with a little blue whisk in his hand, like the true son of a celeb chef. Gordon Ramsay's caption says "afternoon nap before the big game," referring to the England Euro Cup soccer game. Fans loved the pic, posting adoring comments like "just a boy and his whisk" and "it's the whisk for me."

We don't know whether Ramsay's youngest child owns the whisk in question or whether this emotional-support cooking utensil is a common theme in little Oscar's life, but it does appear that the baby boy is already taking after his old man.