This Clip of the Pioneer Woman's Kitchen Mistake is Highly Relatable

We're used to watching Ree Drummond flawlessly cook meals, from her peach ice cream to her instant pot chicken and dumplings to slow cooker Mexican soup. However, it turns out that even the most talented and experienced cooks still mess up from time to time. This hilarious video of the Pioneer Woman's kitchen mistake made us all feel a little better about ourselves.

The Pioneer Woman

Ree Drummond, or the Pioneer Woman, is our favorite down-to-earth celebrity chef. She lives on a ranch in Oklahoma with her husband Ladd Drummond and their four wonderful kids, running a cooking show and selling her own line of cookware, bakeware and kitchen gadgets. This food blogger and self-made chef won America's heard with her easy recipes and friendly demeanor.

From cooking clips to her live Walmart shopping trip with her daughter Alex, Drummond's family is often a part of her TV show on camera and behind the scenes. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Drummond's UK-based filming crew hasn't been available to film her, so her kids have become her stand-in cameramen. This change has only added to the genuine, laid-back atmosphere that fans love the Pioneer Woman for.

A Relatable Kitchen Mistake

A few days ago, Drummond shared an Instagram video of a highly relatable kitchen mishap. In the video, you see a sheet pan on the counter, its contests literally on fire. Drummond immediately blows on the unidentifiable food, and we can hear the person filming laughing, along with her son facetiously saying "happy birthday!"

The Pioneer Woman remained calm and poised throughout the clip, and she laughingly carried the charred kitchen tool to another counter, saying "I had no idea that was.." before the clip ended.

Fans loved Drummond's cooking mess-up, and the post was trending for days as more and more home cooks saw their lovable celebrity chef's kitchen disaster. The comments on her post were full of appreciation for Drummond's genuineness and poise.

One comment says "the calm stroll to cooktop, sheet pan aflame, is awe inspiring," while another jokingly says "this is probably the first time I've seen you cook something that I most definitely could copy at home." Others are even more appreciative, saying things like "love how real you are!" and "I've never felt closer to you."

One commenter was another professional chef, Aarti Sequeira, who won Food Network Star and went on to have her own Food Network show. She related with the Pioneer Woman kitchen mistake, saying "hahahaha I have done that on camera too. So so funny."

Behind the Scenes

Although many food celebrities prefer to maintain a composed persona when in the public eye, Drummond has always been up front about who she is. In an interview with Mashed, she shared one trick that helps her cooking show run smoothly.

"[One] thing I'll point out, that's a little bit of a behind the scenes, is that a lot of times on food shows, mine included, if you see a beautiful closeup of a dish being cooked while I'm also cooking, sometimes those are two different versions and two different batches. We sometimes do a whole dish [separately] and then they cut them together. So just a little inside info."

We've always appreciated Ree Drummond's realness and relatability, so watching her blow out a flaming sheet pan only made us love her more.