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Oklahoma Gov. Affirms 'Meathead' Status With BBQ Under PETA Billboard

Oklahoma is known for its cowboy culture, BBQ, and agriculture industry, making it the perfect place to enjoy a ribeye or chicken-fried steak. Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt feels strongly about supporting the Oklahoma agriculture industry no matter what animal-rights groups are saying about meat consumption. In a hilarious and outspoken display of his stance on the cattle industry, Stitt grilled burgers and steaks right under an Oklahoma PETA billboard.


It all started when Governor Polis of Colorado announced 'a meatless holiday' for the week of March 20th, showing his encouragement of meat-free diets. In response, Gov. Kevin Stitt declared that Oklahoma would have 'MEAT ALL WEEK' in support of Oklahoma's agriculture industry. The Governor said "do what you can to buy and eat protein. I can't wait to have a big juicy ribeye — and I will always stand with our farmers and ranchers!"

Oklahoma Legislature expressed similar sentiments to the eat-meat week, saying that "meat just tastes good." In a House concurrent resolution authored by Shawnee Republican Rep. Dell Kerbs, the Oklahoma Legislature "encourages Oklahomans to consume and enjoy meat and poultry for the week beginning March 22, 2021, and as often as they desire."

As she introduced the resolution, Kerbs said "Let's enjoy the summer with eating lots of meat. Grill it all on. Put everything on the grill, Mr. Speaker."

Billboard Cookout

This didn't sit well with PETA, or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, who then put up a PETA billboard calling the governor a "meathead." The sign, which is in Southwest Oklahoma City, includes a picture of a cow and says "Oklahoma, Home of Meathead Gov. Kevin Stitt, and then "Go Vegan for LIFE" at the bottom.

The governor then hosted a cookout Wednesday the 12th right under the Oklahoma PETA billboard, proudly affirming his status as a "meathead." During his cookout, the governor grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, and ribeye steaks in between snapping photos with the billboard.

"It's all in good fun. Oklahomans know that," Stitt said. "We're going to stand by our agriculture industry and our personal freedoms and the freedom to go vegan if you want or to eat hamburgers if you want."

When PETA heard about the billboard cookout, PETA President Ingrid Newkirk announced that the animal rights group would be sending the governor a back brace since "he must be in agony from all the bowing and scraping he has to do to keep his meat-industry backers happy." Despite their efforts, it doesn't look like the 'meathead' governor will be giving up meat anytime soon.

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