Ohio Woman Scammed For Over $100k by Fake Steve Perry
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Ohio Woman Scammed For Over $100k by Fake Steve Perry

The high profile scams continue as fake accounts masquerading as celebrities win big time. It's one of the easiest ways to grift someone out of their savings. Pretend that you're a celebrity someone loves and plead for help. Then, they rake in the dough via wire transfers and gift cards. Now, someone tries their hand and succeeds using Journey frontman Steve Perry's likeness.

Not long ago, an unnamed 75 year old scrambles to her local police department, claiming a fake version of Steve Perry contacted her. The impostor's angle is offering a "business opportunity for investment" that's definitely not shady. Moreover, they utilize the angle of romance, saying Perry needs a woman in his life. For those growing up with "Don't Stop Believin'," the chance might be enticing.

However, this only opens up the door for the fake Steve Perry to pounce on this woman's bank accounts. As months go by, the scammer speaks with the woman over text and WhatsApp. Then, they swindle her out of $72k in wire transfers and $50k in gift cards to different accounts in different states. Additionally, the scammer gets greedy and starts asking for pictures of passports and drivers licenses.

Fake Celebrity Scams Popping Up Across The Country

Unfortunately, this isn't the only time a scammer impersonates a celebrity for money this year. Recently, a fake Vince Gill cons a Massachusetts woman out of her retirement fund. The huckster utilizes a pretty repulsive tactic to grift the poor woman out of thousands. "They had this sob story, which was that [Vince's] wife, Amy Grant, was divorcing him because he was being accused of raping a young girl in a hotel. And that this girl wanted $350,000 to keep quiet that this ever happened," her daughter Jackie says.

Thankfully, the family intervenes despite the mom sincerely thinking she was helping for a long time. Hopefully, younger people lead with a more tactful sense of digital literacy. If your favorite artist is asking you for funds, ask questions.