Nobody's Girl What'll I Do
Nikki Gell

Video Premiere: Austin Trio Nobody's Girl Questions Romantic Entanglement in 'What'll I Do'

Austin, Texas-based trio Nobody's Girl hit all the qualifications of a supergroup. Members BettySoo, Grace Pettis and Rebecca Loebe are all award-winning artists in their own right. When they met over a decade ago at the Kerrville Folk Festival they became fast friends, eventually forming a trio and recording their forthcoming EP Waterline.

Now, the women are releasing the brand new video for their single "What'll I Do," which Wide Open Country is exclusively premiering today. The song follows an all-too familiar saga for many women, weaving the tale of an overconfident suitor who calls after midnight, gets questionable tattoos and is looking for a place to crash now that their rent is three months past due. Still, the pull of the attraction is strong enough to get her to look past the less admirable aspects and straight toward the possibilities of the future.

The video features the trio in a recording studio and the joy they get from performing with one another is evident.

"You're not such a good idea but I'm pullin' for it," Grace Pettis sings. "My friends wouldn't give us the green light, but I'm gonna floor it." BettySoo and Rebecca Loebe join in, echoing common relationship concerns: "I'm in trouble now, I'm in deep and I don't want out" and "I know I know better, I'm in trouble now."

The trio's rich harmonies bring to mind Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt's Trio project mixed with the tell-it-like-it-is sensibility of the Dixie Chicks.

Each member of Nobody's Girl has won the Kerrville Folk Festival's prestigious New Folk award. The trio recently wrapped up their Sirens of South Austin Tour.

For more information on Nobody's Girl, visit here.

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