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Video Premiere: Texas Trio Nobody's Girl Line Dance the Blues Away in New Video for 'Rescued'

Austin, Texas-based trio Nobody's Girl (Grace Pettis, BettySoo and Rebecca Loebe) celebrate the freedom to make mistakes on uplifting new song "Rescued," an ode to living life on your own terms.

"None of us need an excuse or anybody's permission to have fun and make mistakes," bandmember Grace Pettis tells Wide Open Country. That was the sentiment behind 'Rescued' when we were writing it. Sometimes you just want to be a big hot mess on purpose. 'Rescued' is about making mistakes. And about having fun making them."

The song's video, which Wide Open Country is premiering today, fittingly features the band — and many of their friends — linedancing and having fun, something that's certainly needed in this time of quarantine.

"When we first started talking about a music video for 'Rescued,' way back before Covid-19, we were drawn to the idea of line dancing. We all live in Austin.  Line dancing is what Austinites do on the weekends to let off steam and have a good time," Pettis said. "BettySoo had the ingenious idea of enlisting the help of choreographer Lynzy Lab. Then coronavirus happened.  We still thought line dancing was the way to go so we sent the call out to a bunch of our family and friends, asking them to send us videos of them doing Lynzy's custom dance routine from their homes. Our friends did NOT disappoint. From there, the ball was passed to our creative team at Lucky Hound Music. We're so impressed that our director Payton and our engineer Kelleigh were able to tie all this footage together in a unique way so that it doesn't look like every other coronavirus-era video out there.

BettySoo says the song is all about stress relievers — the little moments that can brighten even the worst day.

"We wanted to celebrate the great, harmless fun-making that puts the stress of everyday life on pause: dancing, listening to favorite songs on repeat, flirting with strangers, wearing clothes that make you feel great about yourself, staying up too late — all the things that are about nothing but having a great time in the moment — and that you really don't need to be told not to do because they aren't hurting anyone," BettySoo says.

Watch the video for "Rescued" below.

Rebecca Loebe says making the video helped her feel connected to her friends across the country.

"Working on this song with our friends from all across the country was incredibly heartwarming. It was so fun to be learning these dance moves and to know that some of the kindest, most talented people I know were also working away at it," Loeb says. "When I saw the completed video for the first time, I was so moved by how joyful and creative everyone's submissions were. We are all fortunate to be surrounded by encouraging, talented communities and it was so fun to be able to bring them together for this video."

For more information on Nobody's Girl, visit their official website or follow them on Facebook.

The band's self-titled album is available for pre-order here.

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