Nikki Lane
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Nikki Lane Goes Retro for 'Send the Sun' Video

At this rate, Nikki Lane's music videos have become notorious for their brushes with old Hollywood. In the clips for her latest cuts from latest record Highway Queen, she's been a road warrior of a waitress and a Sin City rambler. Regardless of the plot, what always persists is Lane's appreciation for old-school visuals and thematics.

In that sense, "Send the Sun" continues that trend. The retro roots rocker's latest video release takes its audience to a live TV set this side of the Chesterfield Music Shop. Compared to past releases of "Highway Queen" and "Jackpot," this video and tune set Nikki Lane in a sweeter light. The artist's soft side is in full effect here, forgoing the Evil Knievil act and Las Vegas antics for something more easygoing.

Nikki's ensemble on stage is a complete throwback to programs of old with a couple of interpretive dancers, a trio of background singers and a full band. They're all dressed up in glittery yellow and gold reminiscent of the ornate outfits you'd catch on these shows back in the 1960s and 70s. Besides the impressive woodland/farmhouse set, you can even catch a stagehand or two working with props near the backdrop;

One thing made clear by Lane in these videos is that she's an artist with a vision. "Send the Sun" showcases a breezier side to her songwriting that we haven't previously seen. Its music video is a heartening jump back to a different time.

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The "Send the Sun" music video was directed by Stephen Kinigopolous and Alexa King. Running Bear Films cinematographer Levi Magyar was in charge of production. The video was shot in an Asheville Masonic Temple and its set for the video was entirely handcrafted.

As for the video's throwback vibe? Nikki Lane gives credit to her beau, Jonathan Tyler, for inspiring its aesthetic.

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