See Nikki Lane Go Evel Knievel in Her Rollicking New Video for 'Highway Queen'

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Nikki Lane has never been shy about telling you who she is. She's fearless, independent and a tried and true road warrior. She's one part sultry-sweet southerner, one part tough-talking, tattooed diner waitress who takes no bull and rides off on a Triumph motorcycle at the end of her shift.

So it makes sense that the video for "Highway Queen," the title track to her upcoming 2017 album, would find Lane draped in a shimmering gold cape and pummeling cars in a monster truck.

In "Highway Queen," Lane tells the tale of an illustrious outlaw rambler with "tight blue jeans and long black hair" making her way down "60,000 miles of blacktop." But this is no Bonnie and Clyde situation. This rebel royalty rides solo. Or, as Lane tells it: "the Highway Queen don't need no king."

The video features cameos by Lane's sister and parents and her boyfriend and fellow singer-songwriter Jonathan Tyler, who co-produced Highway Queen. 

In an Instagram post, Lane explained the story behind the song and how the Highway Queen ethos kept her going for those long months out on the road.

"The Highway Queen is an alter ego: a character created out of necessity, so that I could survive the road," Lane wrote. "Here's to 60,000 miles in 2017 as the Highway Queen."

"Highway Queen," out Feb. 17, 2017 on New West Records, is the long awaited follow up to Lane's 2014 record All or Nothin'. Three years is a long wait, but Lane's been teasing fans with glimpses of the upcoming album over the last couple of years. The rowdy "700,000 Rednecks," which is included on the Highway Queen track list, has been a staple at Lane's live shows.

For a chance to see the Highway Queen on tour across those 60,000 miles of blacktop, check here.

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See Nikki Lane Go Evel Knievel in Her Rollicking New Video for 'Highway Queen'