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Step Back in Time by Visiting This Majestic Rural Texas Castle

In the Bellville countryside of rural Texas, you will find Newman's Castle. That's right, a real castle with a moat and drawbridge. This hidden gem will take you back in time to the medieval days. At least that's what it feels like. And you know it's authentic because there may or may not be actual gators swimming around in the moat. 

What is Newman's Castle?

Owner Mike Newman enjoyed his time traveling in Europe so much, he decided to bring some of that history to the outskirts of Houston with his very own medieval castle. After decades of running his own bakery, he started working on his one-of-a-kind custom creation in 1998 and ended up making something pretty special after 10 years of hard work. 

Visiting Newman's Castle

The old world charm of Newman's Castle is available to visit 6 days a week. The day of the tour you will check-in at Newman's Bakery in the historic downtown area, where you'll be given directions to the castle 5 miles outside of town. Grab a donut from the bakery that's been serving its residents for over 30 years before hopping back in the car to head out to the castle. Once there, you'll get to visit the chapel, the central keep, and see the 3,000 lb. drawbridge up close. The castle even has a 62-foot bell tower and a dungeon. 

The castle is the perfect site for special events, which is probably why it's a popular destination for birthday parties, wine tastings and weddings. Talk about the perfect way to feel like a real-life princess on your special day. 

The incredible property also includes 3,400 of living space that Newman uses for his personal home as well. Talk about the ultimate dream house.

"I have actually looked up at some of these things and say, 'Did I actually build that?'" Newman told KHOU. "It's very self-rewarding."

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