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New Study Says Going to Concerts Helps You Live Longer

A new study from London's Goldsmiths University behavioral scientist Patrick Fagan suggests that going to a concert can be super beneficial to your mood and overall health. Fagan took a group of volunteers and gave them heart monitors to wear while taking part in 20 minutes of yoga, walking their dog, or attending a Paloma Faith concert, and the results were interesting.

After completing their assigned activity, a psychometric test was administered and the heart rate monitors were considered to draw the conclusion that walking one's dog brought about a 7% increase in mood, a yoga class increased 10% and seeing a concert resulted in a whopping 21% increase. Additionally, mental stimulation was increased by 75% and a feeling of a connection to others went up by 25% after attending the show. These attributes are thought to lead to a longer, better life.

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The New York Post quotes Fagan as saying, "Our research showcases the profound impact concerts have on feelings of health, happiness and wellbeing — with fortnightly (every two weeks) or regular attendance being the key...we arrive at a prescription for a concert a fortnight which could pave the way for almost a decade more years of life."

As the Independent explains, the study was commissioned by O2, a company that owns many major music venues, so it may sound like they would be a bit partial in promoting concerts, but any live music lover will tell you that shows are key to a full life.

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