It's Time to Change up Your Country Concert Look

It's always the same. You show up to a country concert and you see 10 other girls wearing the same cowboy boots as yours. Your cowboy hat matches the one the girl in front of you in the bathroom line is wearing. Your shirt? You bought it at the merch stand and, while you love Miranda Lambert, so does everyone else in the venue. This year, change all that. Ditch your old country concert fashion in exchange for something new. Something fab. These items are a new take on your favorite concert-going duds.

Felt Hat



Were you lucky enough to score tickets to one of Alan Jackson's 2017 shows? The classic country singer deserves your best look yet. Ditch the ratty cowboy hat you've had since the 90s (just for the night) and grab one of these camel colored cuties! It's casual enough to go with a vintage Jackson tee but chic enough to make you stand out. An added bonus? The leather belt will match your best brown boots. You'll get plenty of compliments from fellow country fans while you're waiting for your next beer wearing this hat from Simply Love. [Get it here]

Dark Wash Denim



If you're anything like me, you have one favorite pair of jeans. They fit perfectly in all the right places, and they're oh so comfy. The problem with your go-to denim is that they're kind of ratty, they're starting to get a slight hole, and they're faded. Sure, they're still perfect for hungover brunches with your gal pals, but dress it up for your next Friday night show. A dark denim, fitted pair with a skinny leg will turn heads while you find your seat. These jeans from Enjean are stretchy, classy and will go with just about any shoe! [Get them here]

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Tan Booties

Country Concert Fashion Booties

If you're looking for an alternative to your cowboy boots, booties are the next best thing. They're a little more dressy than a classic cowboy boot, but they'll basically go with anything. This particular pair is so comfy! The heel is just enough to give you a little bit of added height but not enough to make your feet throb after dancing in the aisles. This pair from Toms come in a variety of colors — but I recommend the warm tan. [Get them here]

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