Texans Warned to Look out for Scary New Phone Scam

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice is warning residents across the Lone Star state to be cautious of a new phone scam.

The Houston Chronicle reports that automated calls pretending to be from the Inspector General's Office are fishing for Social Security information. Victims of this scam say the recording is telling them their Social Security number has been flagged as fraudulent. It also asks for an immediate call back to (512) 937-2871. It's still unclear who is making these calls, but the area code originates from the Austin area.

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Those returning the call receive a message stating "Google subscriber is not available, please leave a message."

Inspector General Bruce Toney advises Texans not to provide any personal identifying information to anyone over the phone. He also urges residents to contact the authorities if they receive any similar phone calls.

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Texans Warned to Look out for Scary New Phone Scam