New Country Songs for June 2017

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What new country songs are hitting the airwaves in June? A pretty diverse collection of tunes, actually. There's a single from a country artist whose pop transition is now complete, and a track from a road warrior whose last record came three years ago. A newcomer looking to encroach on the Sam Hunt space and two up-and-coming female artists are also dropping some impressive new tunes.

Turn up your speakers and check out these new country songs for June.

Lindsay Ell, "Waiting On You" (May 30)

Alright, technically it came a few days before June, but close enough! We had to include this wonderfully bluesy tune by expert guitar slinger Lindsay Ell. She's criminally under appreciated in the country world, but hopefully that changes after she opens for Brad Paisley on his upcoming tour. This tune heads to radio off her new EP Worth The Wait.

Maggie Rose, "Body On Fire" (May 30)

Maggie Rose is persevering through a tough go in the industry. Despite all the ups and downs of a life in the label system, she's emerged stronger and with a greater sense of herself. This poppy ballad exemplifies her excellent vocal tone and captures her take on the popular influx of recent R&B influences in country music.

Kenny Chesney, "All The Pretty Girls" (June 5)

After taking his last single, "Bar At The End Of The World," to No. 10, Chesney is releasing the absurdly catchy rocker "All The Pretty Girls" to radio. Written by Josh Osborne, Nicolle Galyon and Tommy Lee James, the tune follows a fresh lyrical structure and feels reminiscent of John Mellencamp songs.

Jordan Davis, "Singles You Up" (June 5)

Listening to his debut MCA single, you wouldn't think Jordan Davis considers himself a major John Prine and Jason Isbell fan. The production on "Singles You Up" relies on major themes present in the music of artists like Sam Hunt. But Davis professes a love for lyrical depth and says this first song is more about his love of slick production. Either way, he's certainly got potential to make a big impression on the mainstream scene.

Tim Elliott, "Start Pourin' Whiskey On It" (June 5)

Tim Elliott is making a name for himself throughout the Southeast, an increasingly viable touring circuit for country artists (not unlike the Texas scene). His new song "Start Pourin' Whiskey On It" is steeped in southern rock foundation and 90s country sauce.

Brantley Gilbert, "The Ones That Like Me" (June 12)

Amazingly, Brantley Gilbert hasn't released a new single to radio since "The Weekend," which hit in August 2016. That song reached No. 7 on the charts, and now Gilbert is promoting "The Ones That Like Me" from his album The Devil Don't Sleep, which he released in January.

Granger Smith, "Happens Like That" (June 12)

Granger Smith's full transition to pop country came years ago, but new single "Happens Like That" proves he's in it to stay. The good news is it's still an enjoyable song once you know what you're getting. His first major label album Remington yielded a No. 1 and a No. 6 single, and "Happens Like That" is the first new song since those successes.

Lee Brice, "Boy" (June 19)

A love song to his new baby boy, Lee Brice's "Boy" is a moving tune sure to win over parents all over America. It's also one of the first new country songs he's released in quite some time and the lead single off his next album, due in November.

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New Country Songs for June 2017