Blue Bell Ice Cream

The Newest Blue Bell Ice Cream Deserves to be Eaten on the Beach

Summertime is officially in full swing and Blue Bell ice cream is sure of it with their newest summer ice cream creation. Their newest ice cream concoction is a true taste of the sunshine. Sweet and tangy, their Key Lime Mango Tart Ice Cream is the newest ice cream to hit the shelves and we can't wait to try a big spoonful.

The new flavor features a tart and sweet key lime ice cream blended with crunchy graham cracker crust pieces and a rich mango sauce swirl. The summer flavor is available in both half gallon and pint sizes, making it perfect for eating right from the container or sharing with family and friends.

Key lime, unlike conventional limes we find in our mojitos, is a citrus hybrid with a higher acidity and a thinner rind. The lime sports it's characteristic name from its association with the Florida Keys, which made the Key Lime Pie famous around the world. Tangy key lime juice, egg yolks, and sweetened condensed milk make up the basics of the pie which sits in a graham cracker crust. Some restaurants serve a slice of the pie with, you guessed it, a drizzle of mango sauce. Isn't it funny how all those components are in Blue Bell's newest flavor?

This ice cream comes at the end of National Ice Cream Month (yes, July is the official month to celebrate our favorite frozen treat) following the return of a few of Blue Bell's fan favorites. Earlier this month the Texas creamery brought back their fudge bars, Krazy Kookie Dough ice cream, and Cotton Candy ice cream. There's no saying how long these popular items will stay on freezer shelves, so we suggest running over to your nearest grocery store and stocking up.

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