Facebook: Texas Flooding

Would You Try this Whataburger Blue Bell Combo?

Be still my Texas heart. I must admit I got excited when there was a chance Whataburger and Shiner Beer was collaborating on a project. Sadly that was proven to be fake news. So today when a picture of Whataburger Blue Bell ice cream popped up on my screen I knew it had to be another fake on social media. Sorry Texans, Honey Butter Ice Cream is not coming to any H-E-B freezers near you.

The post features the slogan, "The Best Just Got Better" written in the characteristic Whataburger orange and white. Below, a Blue Bell ice cream container is doctored up with the Whataburger logo and the ice cream flavor, Honey Butter adorning its face. The carton is decked out in Whataburger's famous white and orange stripes.

The Blue Bell Whataburger ice cream collaboration is only a dream in the mind of graphic designer, Mark Fallis of Fallis Design. Does the name sound familiar? It should. Mark was the man behind the design of the Shiner Beer and Whataburger collab.

Back when he designed the Shiner beer Chron.com asked Mark why he made the design. "I had never really attempted to try and make something viral," Fallis told Chron.com. "So instead of just creating the label, I figured why not make it a fake ad and post as anonymously as I could and make it look believable."

The post was originally shared on the Facebook page, "Texas Flooding" and has been shared over 10,000 at last count. While Whataburger officials have confirmed it is a fake, it didn't stop fans from commenting on the new flavor. Some even shared how to hack the menu to get the flavor right now.

Game-changer. It almost seems like something we have to try out for ourselves...

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