Navy Seal Jason Redman Opens Up About The Real Meaning Of Memorial Day Find Someone To Honor And Remember
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Navy SEAL Jason Redman Opens Up About The Real Meaning Of Memorial Day: 'Find Someone To Honor And Remember'

Jason Redman has quite the resume. He's a retired US Navy SEAL, and since active service, he's become an entrepreneur and best-selling author. Today, on Memorial Day, Redman took to Instagram to remind folks that, yes, the holiday is indeed more than hot dogs, hamburgers, and great discounts.

You can click the above hyperlink to hear his insightful commentary yourself! Redman captioned it: "My take on Memorial Day. Enjoy your freedoms this weekend, but never forget. Find someone to honor and remember."

Effectively, Redman says he's known veterans who became jaded by the holiday. That all the "celebration" was inappropriate and focused on things that had nothing to do with the spirit of Memorial Day. Redman had a different take. Memorial Day is commonly celebrated with cookouts, discounts, and vacations. But to Redman, that's all part of the sacrifice he accepted for his children and grandchildren.

He says, "I can't speak for every veteran, but for myself, I sacrificed and went and fought overseas against evil people. So that my kids, and my grandkids, and anybody else in America ... could have those freedoms and opportunities."

Redman's ultimate point is "Hey, live it up on Memorial Day! Just take some time to remember someone, even if it's not exactly a fallen soldier. Find someone who had a meaningful hand in the peace you're able to enjoy today." (Paraphrased, of course.)

Jason Redman And The True Spirit Of Memorial Day

I will say it takes a certain degree of bravery I'll never have to be on the frontlines with the understanding any one day could be your last. I may not believe in the violence, pain, suffering, death, and devastated families war inevitably creates. But I do believe we could do much better for those who have given themselves to that terrifying cause.

"Take a couple of minutes and find someone," Redman states.

We live in our bubbles — now more so than ever before. We live in the communities we want to live in — real-life or online — and we typically only hear and accept opinions that align with our preexisting beliefs and views. I'm going to conclude this article with a comment on Redman's post that I feel, to some degree, perfectly represents Redman's take on Memorial Day and how it's celebrated.

"I try my best to be an American worth fighting for. And to teach my children to do the same."