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'Nashville' Gets Renewed for Season 6 on CMT

Nashville fans have a big reason to celebrate. After being resurrected from cancellation for its fifth season, the series will officially return for season 6.

The news broke earlier today (April 10) that CMT has requested 16 new episodes of the series. The network also announced that the season 5 mid-series premiere is set for June 1.

Along with additional episodes, Nashville will earn a new recurring cast member. Actor Jeff Nordling will play Brad Maitland, a strong-headed record label head. Earlier this year, CMT announced that actresses Rachel Bilson and Kaitlin Doubleday will also join the cast next season.

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Many fans are still reeling from the (Warning: season 5 spoilers ahead!) shocking death of lead character Rayna Jaymes. Thanks to it's new network placement and surprising plot twists, Nashville has become CMT's highest-rated show ever. That's an impressive feat in a short amount of time, especially after the series was originally canceled by ABC over low ratings.

So far, details on what will happen to our beloved characters have been scarce. But if the events of season 5 are any indication, fans should be prepared for a whole lot of drama.

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